PenBay Technology Group Wins Contract Renewal from National Science Foundation – National Center for Sciences and Engineering!

Exciting times ahead! We are thrilled to announce that PenBay Technology Group has been awarded another contract from the National Science Foundation – National Center for Sciences and Engineering to provide cutting-edge web programming and design services.

Key Focus Areas:

Web Presence Maintenance: We will maintain, modify, and enhance the existing NCSES web presence, ensuring a seamless and user-friendly experience.

Website and Intranet Support: Our team will be dedicated to the NCSES portion of the NSF website (, and intranet, offering services such as website design/redesign, development, and maintenance.

Content Management System (CMS): Continue development and maintenance of a robust CMS to facilitate the conversion of diverse content types, including statistical data and complex documents like reports, into dynamic and accessible web presentations.

Accessibility and Quality Assurance: Prioritizing usability and accessibility, our focus includes quality assurance to uphold the highest standards in the presentation of statistical data and products.


“We’re honored to continue our partnership with the National Science Foundation. This contract renewal reflects our commitment to excellence in web programming, design, and technological innovation,” said Bob Santmyer, President/CEO at PenBay Technology Group.

Stay Connected:

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