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EPA Region 3 GIS Support

EPA Region 3 GIS Support: Summary

The EPA brought PenBay Technology Group on board to provide geospatial expertise to four EPA Region 3 divisions and to manage and maintain the spatial data library at the EPA office in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This regional office works with the states of Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, West Virginia, and Washington D.C. to protect environmental resources and regulate the impact businesses and industries have on land, air, and water environments. Project tasks include geospatial analysis and cartographic production, geospatial application development, geospatial data acquisition and development, regional electronic map catalog administration, GIS technology research and development, technical support for GIS software and hardware, and GPS and photographic data processing.


Collaborating with EPA’s scientists, project managers, and permitting specialists, PenBay Technology Group provides GIS technical support for the Water Protection, Land and Chemical, Hazardous Site Clean-up, and Environmental Assessment and Innovation Divisions. As part of an onsite support team, PenBay Technology Group assesses the needs of environmental projects from a geospatial perspective. We also provide technical support for data acquisition, maintenance, and management. In addition, we offer analytical expertise needed to tease apart complex spatial problems and bring clarity to environmental issues at both the project and the program level.


PenBay Technology Group provides mapping products using the Esri suite of products including hardcopy large-scale printed maps as well as electronic versions for presentations. We provide spatial analysis for environmental projects and studies. Using the spatial data library, project specific data, and the ESRI mapping software, we work with the EPA staff to analyze spatial data to determine such things as extent of contamination, proximity to environmentally sensitive areas, prioritization of inspections, and targeting for field sampling.

PenBay Technology Group maintains the EPA Region 3 geospatial library of over 800 data layers. EPA data is maintained and updated on a regular basis in coordination with contacts in each division responsible for their specific databases. The library is organized to make it possible for EPA staff that use GIS software to easily locate the data layers they need.

We develop and support over a dozen web mapping applications and data services on Esri ArcGIS Servers, as well as associated data and geoprocessing services. Training and documentation is provided for EPA staff for each application.


PenBay Technology Group’s work at EPA Region 3 has consistently been rated exceptional. For example, EPA’s most recent evaluation stated:

"The Quality of the contractor Product and services has been exceptional. Customers from various divisions continue to compliment the quality of the maps and services produced.”

Our team has been praised repeatedly for turning around high quality data and reports under tight timelines. PenBay Technology Group’s work was also featured in Esri News (“EPA Keeps it Clean”, June 2015)

Client US Environmental Protection Agency
Dates 2012-2017
Skills Geospatial Data Analysis
GIS/Web Application Development
GIS Mapping
GIS Data Library
Mobile GIS
GIS Technology
Software/Hardware Support
GPS and Photographic Data Processing