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Joint Staff Doctrine Support

Joint Staff Doctrine Support: Summary

Working as a subcontractor to SAIC, PenBay Technology Group has provided services to the Director J-7, Joint Doctrine Division in support of the Joint Chiefs of Staff on several projects including Joint Doctrine Development Tool (JDDT), UJTL Task Development Tool (UTDT), Joint Electronic Library+ support, Joint Publication review and editing, and joint terminology. PenBay Technology Group has provided services in the areas of: document management, content management systems, information management, embedded multimedia, training, online coordination tools, application development, and subject matter expertise in Joint Doctrine.


Providing web-based software applications deployed on the NIPRNET and SIPRNET that can provide:

  • World-wide coordination of joint doctrine publications and Universal Joint Tasks
  • Maintenance of the Department of Defense Dictionary
  • Maintenance of the U.S. Army Dictionary
  • Development of data for the Joint Electronic Library and the Defense Readiness Reporting System


PenBay Technology Group assisted SAIC with Subject Matter Expertise (SME) commentary and advice as requested. PenBay Technology Group has primary responsibility for the technical development, maintenance, upgrade and technical operation of the UTDT and for recommending and, when directed, implementing, technical upgrades or alterations to merge the technology and/or operations of the UTDT and JDDT. PenBay Technology Group leverages known overlapping technologies and processes to provide synergistic solutions that provide efficiencies for Government operations.

PenBay Technology Group provides editorial support for formatting related to database entries; provide “surge” and/or overflow backup editorial support to the SAIC Editorial Team. We also provide surge/overflow SME publications review support if required.

PenBay Technology Group develops and upgrades JDDT web application features to support Joint Working Groups (JWGs) and provides SME support upon request. PenBay Technology Group supports the Configuration Management Work Group (CMWG) with software demonstrations, briefings, and information papers as required. PenBay Technology Group supports the joint terminology effort with SME input, editorial QA, and the development, maintenance and hosting of electronic tools.

PenBay Technology Group supports SAIC electronic publishing by providing relevant editorial support, parsing and preparing publications for conversion to searchable database format. We cross-reference joint doctrine, UJTs and other content as directed within resulting database(s) and provide resulting data to SAIC for further processing to be included in the JEL+ production database.


PenBay has developed and maintained multiple key production applications for the Joint Staff. Our expertise in all aspects of software development, document editing, and joint doctrine development has been key to SAIC’s success.

Client US Joint Staff J7, Joint Force Development
Dates 2015-2018
Skills Application Development
Document Management
Document Production
Content Management Systems
Subject Matter Expertise