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Online Organizational Timeline

Online Organizational Timeline: Summary

PenBay Technology Group, as a subcontractor to SAIC, provides application development services to the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD). The project includes enhancements, corrections, and code refactoring for the Online Organizational Evolution web application that displays an interactive visual timeline of the OSD’s organizational structure and history within the Department of Defense from 1945 to the present. The application enables fast and efficient analysis of organizational changes in the past and across time.


OSD desired further development of an existing pilot application through improvements and corrections to functionality, user interface, and performance. The existing pilot application required significant refactoring to improve application performance and address system bugs. Within the application, there were challenges to present the interactive timeline and associated office and position-holder data in a user-friendly way, as well as administrative data management functions.


PenBay Technology Group evaluated the existing pilot application and recommended technical approaches to the client’s requirements. Using an agile development approach, our team rapidly completed project tasks and deployed them in a staging environment for client feedback. In addition to meeting the initial requirements, our team has recommended further improvements to increase usability and application performance, many of which were approved for implementation. Technologies used in this project have included .Net, SQL, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript/JQuery.


The 1.1 version of the application was successfully completed, tested, and deployed into the OSD hosting environment, and PenBay Technology Group was engaged for a follow-on project to develop the next phase of enhancements for the application.

Client Office of the Secretary of Defense
Dates 2015-2017
Skills Application Development
User Interface Design
Agile Development