NSF Awards 31-Month Extension to PenBay Media for Web Support

February 28, 2017 – PenBay Media has been awarded a 31-month contract extension to continue our work at the National Science Foundation, National Center for Science & Engineering Statistics (NCSES) through April 2020. PenBay Media has been providing web support to the NCSES since October 2012. Our team develops and maintains the public NCSES website and related web applications, including user interface design, information architecture, data visualizations, graphic design, web application development, quality assurance, and technical guidance.

PenBay Media has supported the operation and enhancement of the NCSES public website since 2012 by providing effective project management, technical expertise, recommendations that are both innovative and reflective of best practices, and high quality implementations. In 2013, we deployed a responsive, mobile-friendly design on the NCSES website that became a model for NSF. In 2015, we successfully implemented a web content archiving process and system, interfacing with a third-party archiving site, that reduced the number of site files by 69% and facilitates the upkeep of pages and site security. PenBay Media helped NCSES transform its 2016 bi-annual report to Congress, Science and Engineering Indicators from a primarily printed publication into a digital-first publication (read our case study at

Using an agile scrum approach, PenBay Media is developing a custom web content management system for authoring, review, editing, tracking, and publishing of all NCSES publications including handling of tabular scientific data, interactive data visualizations, templating, and complex workflows.